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Please choose one of the solutions below to book your upcoming events. Bookings require IUA login. 

All bookings must adhere to our House Rules.  


Check out our standard layouts and available dates.

A confirmation email with follow-up details is expected upon successful booking.

You may book 4 days from now till 126 days after.

Boardroom Seminar

The seminar set up is the combination of our Boardroom and Lounge area, making it ideal for seminars and conferences as it can cater up to 100 people.


The lecture set up is the perfect option for events that focus on smaller group of audience that is up to 60 people, making it ideal for small seminars, lectures, or formal meetings.

(Note: The chairs with writing pads will be provided in Lecture set up only.)


Please let us know your special needs for the upcoming events.

We will contact you to assist with planning the event.


You may book 14 days from now till 126 days after.

Boardroom Ushape
Customised Event

Beside the unique U-shaped Meeting Set-up for special meeting / conference, the tailor-made layout and event setup is able to cater up to 150 pax.

Site Planning Session (Tuesday)

Book an 1-hour site planning session on every Tuesday for your next event at iCube.


(Note: The site planning session can only be booked through email to: at least 2 week in advance.) 


| Q.

Where can I find more details about the rental policy of HKU iCube?

| A.

To learn more about our rental policies, including booking duration, fee arrangements, borrowable items, and external parties' involvement, please visit our House Rules through the link provided below.
 House Rules.

| Q.

How do I reschedule my event?

| A.

To reschedule your event, please cancel your original booking at least 14 days prior to the event date. Once the cancellation is confirmed, you can proceed to make a new booking through Portal on a first-come-first-served basis.

| Q.

What are the consequences for late cancellation or a no-show for an event? 

| A.

Late cancellations or no-shows may result in consequences which could affect other users' experience. Relevant penalties are set to ensure fairness and availability of the facility for other students.
For information on the penalties associated with late cancellations or no-shows, please refer to Section 2.3 of our
House Rules.

| Q.

Do I need to pay deposit for my event booking? 

| A.

For events that include food and beverage, HKU iCube will collect a cash deposit of HKD $500 upon check-in. The deposit will be refunded during check-out after ensuring that all HKU iCube facilities are reinstated. For more information on the cash deposit terms, please refer to Section 5.1.2 in our House Rules.

| Q.

What is the duration of both booking periods for future event planning? 

| A.

Standard Bookings must be made between 4 to 126 days prior to the event date.
Non-Standard Bookings must be made between 14 to 126 days prior to the event date.

| Q.

How long is the approval period for my Non-Standard Booking application? 

| A.

Since the Non-Standard Booking requires additional information from the booking party before confirmation. The review process for Non-Standard Bookings typically takes up to 5 days once a complete booking request is received. 

| Q.

Can I involve external co-organisers or third-party vendors in my Standard booking event? 

| A.

No, the Standard booking event does not permit the participation of external co-organiser or third-party vendors.  

| Q.

Can you recommend any catering services? 

| A.

For a list of available vendor service options, including catering services, please refer to Appendix II of our House Rules for more information. 

| Q.

What are the procedures to follow before leaving HKU iCube after the end of the event? 

| A.

The booking party is responsible for the following tasks before leaving:
1) Remove all decorations, leftover food / drink , gifts, and personal items.
2) Empty the trash and dispose of it in the provided bins
3) Return any chairs or furnishings to their original setup or configuration
4) Return the rental items such as tablecloths, microphones, or electronics
For more detailed information on the responsibilities of the booking party, please refer to Section 5.2. in our
House Rules.

| Q.

Are there any specific requirements for events scheduled on weekends? 

| A.

Guest lift access, which lasts for 1.5 hours each time, during weekends is required upon approval from property management. Please state the necessity of guest lift access during Portal booking process. If F&B is involved, please provide the following information at least 3 days prior to your event: delivery company name, time of access to loading bay, car type (Lorry, Goods Van, Private Car), car height, and Vehicle Registration No.



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