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Get Started with AI Forum for Educators and L&D Professionals

Discover AI's transformative potential in education. Engage with experts, explore case studies, and learn how to harness AI's power while managing risks.

Get Started with AI Forum for Educators and L&D Professionals
Get Started with AI Forum for Educators and L&D Professionals


2024年6月07日 下午4:00 – 下午7:00

HKU iCube, Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong


AI is set to transform the world of learning. It has the potential to make learning more engaging, personalized, adaptive, and inclusive, of misinformation, bias, privacy, academic integrity, and dehumanizing the learning experience. 

Are you ready to reap the opportunities and manage the risks of using AI? Designed for educators and learning & development professionals, this forum gathers international experts and local practitioners to look into:

  • Developing an AI readiness roadmap for your organization
  • The first steps to using AI in teaching and staff development
  • Using AI to Innovate Learning: Case of Singapore
  • How we might support the uptake of AI in teaching and learning in Hong Kong


Ms. Ellen Lau

Director of Training at Preface

Dr. Fanny Wai Fan Lam

Specialist in Developmental Behaviour Paediatrics at Blue Sky Precision Medicine


The compassionate AI robot

Welcome Speech

Mr. John Tsang

Founder of Esperanza

Build your organization’s AI strategy and roadmap

Prof. Rose Luckin

Learner-Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab

How is AI changing teaching and learning? Case of Singapore

Mr. David Yeo

Founder and CEO of Kydon Group

Getting ready for AI revolution: Q&A

Prof. Rose Luckin

Learner-Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab

Mr. David Yeo

Founder and CEO of Kydon Group

Mr. Victor Kwok

Our Hong Kong Foundation

Breakout Session for Educators

Mr. Ka TIm Chu (Moderator)

Chairman at HKACE

Prof. S C Kong

Director of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Competency Education Centre

Mr. Andrew Chiu

Innovation and Technology Coach at Victoria Shanghai Academy

Prof. Irwin King

Director of the Centre for eLearning Innovation and Technology (ELITE), CUHK

Mr. Philip Law

Vice Principal at Education University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Primary School

Breakout Session for L&D Professionals

Mr. Charles Ho (Moderator)

Member, of the Learning and Development Committee at HKIHRM

Dr. Sean McMinn

Director of the Center for Education Innovation at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Ms. Agnes Wong

General Manager at PTI

Mr. Tony Wo

Director, Learning, Culture, and Diversity of AXA

Ms. Karen Fung

General Manager, InnoPreneur and Futureskills at Hong Kong Productivity Council

  • Venue: HKU iCube, 4005-4007, 40/F, Two Exchange Square, Central
  • Language: English
  • Mode: Face to face



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