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Create Shared Value

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HKU iCube, one of the five global centres under the HKU Business School (HKUBS), is the latest establishment in Central, the Hong Kong’s financial heart. HKU-iCube represents the HKUBS to connect and further develop collaborations with local and international business communities, epitomising HKU iCube's mission of

"Inspire and Create Shared Value."

As the leading Business School in Asia, HKUBS has been contributing to the business community in Hong Kong with its pool of top talents. Many of the HKUBS alumni now belong to the HKU iCube Network, a tight-knit group of corporate partners. Boasting over 4000 square feet of multifunctional space, HKU-iCube is a top venue for holding seminars, workshops and public lectures such as the "Impact", "Signature" and "ESG" flagship series. It serves to bridge the corporate world, NGOs, and academia to promote Hong Kong's long-term commercial development, and reflects HKUBS’s commitment to social responsibility.

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In the heart of the Central CBD, we offer the top-quality facilities and amenities.